I’ve FOUND my Mojo! (Part 3)

This is an update on the bio-identical testosterone hormone therapy I started 7 days ago – Yes, under a licensed US physicians care, with US/FDA approved medications.

Part 1 ( http://www.pacifictracy.com/2019/06/25/crikey-ive-lost-my-mojo/ ) covered the issues I was finding, locating a provider, doing some in depth investigations on providers, and understanding what was being provided as a service. This shit isn’t something to screw with, so before I did anything else, I needed to know the pros and cons. I had other friends watching, as apparently *I* am not alone here (loss of lean muscle mass, fatigue, depression, loss of libido, boner issues, I mean the list goes on and on)

The difference here, is I was to find out I really DID have an issue, and a correctable one. Women deal with menopause, and I guess guys deal with MAN-O-PAUSE … FUCK that

Made with lightning!! REAL LIGHTNING!!!!!!
You’ll have energy running all the time!! … MENERGY!

Part 2 ( http://www.pacifictracy.com/2019/07/01/ive-lost-my-mojo-part-2/ ) covered the routines, the blood tests, the consults, understanding levels, financial considerations, and yes, receiving the materials. I won’t go over it twice, that can be found in Part 2, but it was extensive, and professionally packed. Part 2 is also where I finally had to stick myself … not once a week, but twice a week with two different needles.

So here we are a week later. What did I find?

Well, there were a few things in the instructions that probably shouldn’t be there – nothing big, just not the best fit for me. The first thing is the injections themselves. The instructions call for a needle angle of 45 or 90 degrees (45 if you are very lean, as they are subcutaneous injections). I chose my abdomen for the shots, and that was my second mistake.

I bruised … and I mean bruised. My stomach looked like the forearm of an elderly man – so many colors, purple, yellow, green … how the hell did I do that with 0.5 ml and a 27g syringe? It was clear I needed to work on it.

Ugh I cringe every time, but I have nice boobs apparently

My last injections, I did three things that made it SO much better, less painful, and yes NO bruising;

1. Ice the injection site for 30-60 seconds
2. LIGHTLY pinch up a little skin
3. Inject at 45 degrees, and with no hesitation – release the skin
4. Testosterone is thick due to sesame seed oil, push the plunger SLOWLY – even better warm it up in a cup of hot water – it makes it flow easier.
5. Wait 5 seconds before withdrawing the needle, and do NOT rub the site

Jam it in your leg they said, it’s a party they said … FUCKERS

I chose the tops of my thighs this time, and not my abdomen – worked like a charm. I still cringe doing it, but it is what it is.

So after a week of testosterone, anastrozole, hCG, b-12, tadalafil, and oxytocin what have I noticed? Let’s go with the CONS first –

1. I’m tossing and turning a bit – they said it could worsen sleep apnea, but since dumping that weight (52 pounds), I barely deal with it anyway (I wear a mouthpiece that tilts my lower jaw – no snoring) Maybe I’m just stressed out, still, it’s something to watch.

Don’t make me angry … you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry 😀

2. Aggression – I like to drink like pretty much everyone I know, and I’m a bit of a handful when I get angry. So let’s pump this 6′ 6″ guy with huge amounts of testosterone??

3. Bruising at the injection site – Well, that has been addressed (hopefully)

4. Sensitive Teeth – call me crazy but 4-6 hours after treatments, my back teeth are super sensitive, almost to a toothache. My fronts are fine however.

The PROS? Well the usual shit you may expect –

I dropped a few extra pounds last week over my usual loss, despite eating garbage and totally blowing my intake – it was July 4th Weekend. More energy for sure, a better view of things. More lean muscle mass? too soon to tell. Walking around wanting to jump half the women I know? Yea…. I walked into a chair at the office AND HAD 400 BABIES! and they are good at sports.

Let’s make love like Lemurs … yea baby, YEA!

Looking back, I think I would have had my PCP do the original blood test – that is the only thing I would change at this point.

I dropped $297 to join the program and the next step was a blood test. What if it came back normal? I would be out that money, whereas through Insurance it would have been a simple copay. I didn’t think that one through, and knowing how many things are blamed on Low T, it’s utter bullshit to assume everyone actually has an issue. I did however, so it worked out.

In the end, the PROS are definite and I can feel them, and the CONS are mostly perceived with the tooth sensitivity being the one watched most. Still haven’t grown breasts, or had an arm grow out of my forehead, so I don’t have much to complain about.

I’m going to give it a full month and check back then.

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