OK Mojo … cut the crap (Month 4)

So, it is officially the start to my 4th month of bio-identical hormone therapy. Not the therapy you get with your health plan (TRT and nothing else to counter the damage long term use will do to you), No, this was a new therapy (read expensive as fuck) by a licensed US Physician, and man, my wallet definitely feels it … OUCH … skipping insurance and paying out of pocket can be brutal.

Forget the mega boner, the real upside of all this is that I can eat pizza like a 25 year old

So, a few things first, and YES, it is a rant. My Provider really screwed the pooch and I guess for the most part I don’t blame them but it sucks anyway. They had a data breach. Yes nothing financial, just email addresses, but still, it resulted in a 7 day delay of my monthly supplies.

Now you might say “so what” but once you have your levels where you want them, and you find you are inadvertently dry humping your furniture because you have the testosterone level of a 25 year old, not having your stuff sucks. Yes, I could feel the difference.

Oh dear 🙁 I just … I just … you spilled something

The upside of course is that it was working – interesting experiment

Outside of the fact I still seem to be slightly allergic at the injection site (nothing big just local itching at the injection site due to the sesame seed oil the testosterone is suspended in), all was good in the world, the sleep issues were over, and the one thing I was truly worried about, aggression, never materialized. Seems I am a gigantic super warm man pillow – which is fine because the apple at county lockup sucks.

Like I said, don’t make me angry … you wouldn’t like me when I am angry

So it is October 1, and I starting my fourth month of treatment.The treatment is (let’s review) testosterone cypionate .05ml, anastrozole which promotes a healthy sperm count and keeps the body from aromatizing testosterone into estradiol (estrogen), hCG .05ml, which prevents damage from the effects of testosterone AND … makes your balls bigger 😉 yea baby.

Sometimes Mr Testicles doesn’t listen to Mr Brain, and then that 7 dollar sun dress on your date becomes 70 grand in child support

The secondary treatment is 6mg daily of taladafil (daily use cialis) compounded with oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’ (it makes men faithful – yes I have a boner pill with a hormone in it that makes me faithful … WTF)

WAIT! a hormone that makes men faithful, even to the point of avoiding a beautiful woman? yea the write up is here http://www.pacifictracy.com/2019/06/30/oxytocin-in-men-the-good-the-bad-and-the-wtf/

4 shots, 1 capsule, and 1 sublingual troche a week – I can handle this.

Now the upside … I *think* … you may recall I was making tons of testosterone with my giant man balls BUT my body was using an enzyme called aromatase to convert it to estrogen. What should have been great levels of T were never making it to where it had to go. Instead, my estrogen levels were through the roof.

Crying while watching ‘The View”, being unable to forgive my neighbor for wearing the same jeans as me, and not being able to forgive him – no thank you. The final straw was trying to match my drapes to my linen – the issue of course is that I have no drapes.

Sadly, my friend would never be able to reach his own shoes again 🙁

So I turned to a friend who just got his blood test done – He had been playing this game for 6 months. He went from a 250 total to a 1600 total, his free testosterone went through the roof, and his estrogen came down to normal levels (the range is 7.5 to 42.9 and I was a 41.9 when I started).

And … that’s the score, 2 more months of treatment. I’m dying to see where it ends up. Until then, I will be sleeping like an apple with a pencil stuck in it … rolling back and forth all night, but never able to roll over. Whatever.

If you care to read an interesting article as a followup, as to how all these hormones interact with each other, and why you may be doing it all wrong, I highly suggest this one –> http://www.doctork.nyc/blog/2017/9/11/trt-failure

In the meantime, I delayed posting this – I am actually in my FIFTH Month now … I’m going to wait until Month 6 to roll all these experiences together, get a new blood panel, and report back on what it all meant, what changes it induced, and most importantly WOULD I DO IT AGAIN … Time will tell.

FOLLOWUP: I cancelled my subscription to BodHD on the sixth month – I realized it was all in my head, and found a little counseling and a patient partner did more for me than any medication would. Yes, I’m back, and a total whore 😉 and saving 350/month which DEFINITELY gives me a boner. So there it is …. but it was fun. Email me with any questions you have regarding this series of articles – after all what didn’t necessarily work for me, may work for you. In the end, I found my solution.