So you got the Interview?

You may ask, why didn’t I choose you for the job –

It’s always a great question. Perhaps, your interview simply sucked. When I ask you to tell me about about yourself, and why you are a good fit for the position PLEASE don’t go off about your qualifications. I read your resume.

I already know your qualifications, schooling, professional certifications etc. and frankly I don’t want to hear it again – I’m looking for your work ethic, personality, ability to be a team player, and how you get along with others.

I would so much rather hear things like –

“Well outside of the qualifications I outlined on my resume, I am a roll with the punches kind of guy/girl especially when things get hectic – I take care of my myself, work well with others, and don’t air issues in public – I won’t sugar coat it in private however, when a real issue needs to be addressed.”

“I think ahead, and yes if something goes south on a Friday at 4:49pm, be aware I am proactive, and already ahead of the ball. If I screw up, and we all do, I will admit it – I don’t throw people under the bus. I am a self-starter, run with things, and simply ask the tools to do my job”

Basically, tell me about YOU, what you bring to the team – your personality – If you are sitting in front of me, you are selling yourself at that point, so take advantage of it, not everyone made it that far. Let me get to know you, not your resume alone, instead of just reading your resume and saying ‘thank you for coming in’

Sell yourself, and make sure they see you are value added, you have one shot, make it count.


Getting Older In IT

I was sitting there thinking canned chili WITH BEANS is a good idea – and then dumped a half a bag of sliced pepperoni, anchovies and chunks of Velveeta into it …. BETTER

For whatever reason, the thought of being unemployed crossed my mind while I was contemplating the existential meaning of Bacon

It’s high tech and ageism is a very real thing – as is discriminating against white males in this workforce. Why pay the rate they do, when they can hire two kids with PHDs at half the cost? It’s a real problem, and the older you get, the more likely it is to affect you.

I work in a world where 35 is old, and I’m well aware of it – they are also.

So I thought “What would happen?’ – it wouldn’t be the first time I’d been laid off, I’ve actually been canned three times before – they always paid me a big chunk of change AND then I would be hired back by the same employer each time. People say if I got laid off on a Friday, I’d have a job by Monday, and maybe that’s true.

Like everything else, I usually step into shit and come out smelling like a rose. So maybe it’s not a bad thing.

Money is important, but it’s not everything – So let’s say the worst happens (and really, considering the worlds real issues, is it anywhere near ‘the worst’? … the short answer is of course NO) – outside of food and fuel, time is what I have. Nobody wants to fall behind on their bills, but then again no one has ever died because they couldn’t pay a bill, or found they couldn’t live like they were before – you just modify your life and move forward.

I imagine, life would be a blank canvass – starting over from scratch – Hell knows it wouldn’t be the first time I looked over my shoulder riding out of town to a new life I didn’t know yet. Maybe go to Northern Arizona and raise horses with a girl I know there. All I need is my bike and gas money. Or back to Tucson, getting a job as a civilian contractor at Davis Monthan AFB that perhaps isn’t in my field but allows me to try something new while generating some money for other things

Do I really need a lot of money to be happy in life? All this talk about leaving Austin someday, and I realized last night I never really contemplated the whole ‘What if I just got up and left someday’

Who is getting younger? Not me, but then I’m not my Dad yet – and why not chase someone, SOMETHING, and learn a new skill? Why not get the enthusiasm back for my job?

The Russian once barked at me – She said ‘You need to love your life, none of us have forever, dance, and dance some more until you can do it right – nobody gives a shit if you aren’t good, you will be – and you will have great fun along the way.” SHE WAS RIGHT She literally gives zero shits about things that aren’t important and is far happier for it.

So, am I going anywhere? NAH, not that I know of anyway … I still have 10 more months on my lease – who knows – I can’t decide what I’m doing 24 hours from now, never mind next year. I still laugh at the thought of being all gung ho to go – being sidetracked by some pretty lass at the gas station, who will put me in a hole 40 years from now. Not that I have a choice, fate is everything. Like I said, it was just something to ponder out on the balcony.